Mongolia-China expo introduces upcoming mega-projects

During the Expo, the National Development Agency (NDA) introduced the legal environment and investable mega-projects. In accordance with the law on investment approved in 2013, both foreign and domestic investors were provided with tax and non-tax support impartially. For instance, Mongolia is providing four types of support depending on the investment volume and location of the sector.


Tokyo: Chairman of NDA attends “Invest Mongolia-Tokyo-2017”conference

B.Bayarsaikhan, chairman of the National Development Agency, participated at the “Invest Mongolia Tokyo-2017” conference held in Tokyo on November 24, 2017.

During the conference, B.Bayarsaikhan made a presentation on Mongolian and Japanese cooperation, the policies and direction of the Mongolian government, the implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement /EPA/ between the two countries and the goals in establishing a “One-stop shop” for foreign investors.

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